Sunday, August 29, 2010

Beefing Up Your Electrical: Batteries

Since the environmental activists wont let us have our hot-fission plutonium reactors for our power source, well have to compensate. Stay away from common known battery brands, including Optima. I've used their cells over the years and they where “the best” before they started putting their cells in Pep Boys and such. Kenetik, XS Power, Datasafe, are great examples. I've been in contact with the owner and some of his fleet members of XS Power. They're a bunch of great guys, and they really put their money in the product. Kenetik is the most commonly known high performance battery, it use to be the ONLY battery used in MECA and USAC competitions. But XS Power is now used by world champions, such as Steve Meade, Tommy McKinnie, and Pip Sanchez. Datasafe is a good brand all around. If you're looking for something a little bit cheaper. Here's some good literature to read up on.
Battery Isolators
XS Battery Chart
Remember, batteries connected in parallel become one large 12v battery.

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